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Kolina – Intestinal health promoter

Kolina  description

Kolina is a food supplement produced by the brand Omnilife in order to maintain a healthy intestinal flora. That is why this product of the latest generation is great to keep a good digestion, because its components are used as food for the good bacteria in our bodies.

Kolina is very usefull yo keep a good digestion

Some of the main ingredients in this product are pineapple extract and coconut extract. Both of these ingredients are well known for their contribution to create a suitable environment for healthy bacteria in the intestine, allowing an adequate health of the digestive system because it prevents the formation of harmful bacteria. Although, to get better results in your digestive system kolina should be combined with products like Fibern PlusOmniplus.

The intestine is an organ that can be considered as a second brain because its microbial community becomes actively involved in the welfare of the organism. It is also important to mention that 70% of our immunologic system is located our intestines.

Beside, between the 80 to 90% of Serotonina is located in the intestinal tract, it is an important neurotransmitter to prevent psychological problems such as depression and anxiety. The function of this neurotransmitter is not only to improve the mood. It is known that affects peristalsis or rather the involuntary muscle contractions that occur in the digestive tract, directly influencing digestion.

Main ingredients

Coconut extract

This extract is very rich in fatty acids, an important component for the body and that must be consumed to avoid various health problems. Highlighting that caprylic acid or octanoic acid are widely studied for helping to control harmful bacteria due to its antibiotics properties.

Pineapple extract

Pineapples contain proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain. This enzyme is very important in order to have a healthy intestinal flora since it helps an adequate digestion. This enzyme also promotes the elimination of various microorganisms such as Albicans Candida. The pineapple extract also has antifungal properties, which prevents the growth of certain dangerous mushrooms.

Benefits of this product


Benefits of this product

One of the benefits of regularly consuming Kolina is that it strengthens the intestinal flora, therefore, it helps to prevent and control infections related with the Candida Albicans excessive growth. Candidas is a fungus that live in the mouth ,in the intestine and in the vagina, but when it grows too much it can produce skin infections and inflammation of the mucous areas of the body.


Candida Albicans

Candida Albicans, it is specially yeast that lives in the intestinal tract and when it is controlled it can maintain the proper balance in the intestine. This way, it controls the PH in the blood. It is also the responsible of eliminating the carbohydrates residues that have not been properly absorbed.

However, a lowering of the defenses can produce an imbalance in the intestinal flora, leading to an overgrow of the Candida Albicancs or better known as Candidiasis.

Candidiasis is a disease that starts in the intestine, but it can be extended to other parts of the body. Once it has been spread you will feel like eating carbohydrates and sweets. The most serious is that these foods (carbohydrates and sweets) contribute to their proliferation because they are their main food, and causing a worse damage to the immunological system.

Candidiasis can produce anxiety problems, depression, tiredness, lack of mental clarity, dizziness, headaches, a white tongue, cold hands and / or feed, flatulence, diarrhea, constipation, fluid retention, gastric reflux and many others.

It is also important to mention that having a good functioning of the intestinal flora helps to strengthen the immunologic system, and it is because the immune system is located mainly in the intestine.

Who are more likely to have this problem?

The most vulnerable people of having this disease are the newborn babies, women in gestation, cancer and HIV patients and others with diseases that affect the immunologic system. It could be common in people with denture fake or using catheters. It is of great importance that these people take good care of their intestinal flora, and having the Kolina product is the best ally to keep a healthy intestinal flora.

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