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Thermogen Maracuya or Teatino Maracuya is a product made by the Omnilife brand. It produces a thermogenesis effect that makes it act as an accelerator of the metabolism. In addition, it increases body temperature, having as a benefit, the accelerated loss of weight. Thermogenesis is the process by which heat is produced from calories. Being it a natural way to avoid excess of calories, that are then transformed into stored fats.

This product has been sweetened with stevia, just like Thermogen Limon and Caffezzino, it is the reason way it does not contains calories. It also contains L – carnitina and green coffee extract which promote healthy weight, since they facilitate to metabolize fats.

Thermogen Maracuya is made with artichoke extract, black tea, L – Tiroxine, L – carnitine, seaweed, mint, rosemary and chromium.


Artichoke that is present in Thermogen Maracuya, is a plant used to promote and control the loss of weight and it is rich in fibers that, favor an adequate functioning of the digestive system. It also has properties to reduce cellulites because its potassium contains. Potassium is a powerful diuretic which prevents liquid retention.

In the same manner, artichoke is used to detoxify liver improving the metabolic functions in a natural manner.

L – tiroxine in Thermogen Maracuya is well known to be an appetite suppressant. A deficiency of this amino acid causes slow metabolism, causing an accumulation of fats in the body.

L – Carnitina is another responsible of fats burning and this is because it participates in transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria where it subsequently becomes cellular energy. It prevents fats from being accumulated in the body.

Seaweeds, present in Thermogen Maracuya, are naturally rich in proteins, vitamins A, B, C, E and also minerals like magnesium, calcium, potassium and iodine.

Another ingredient that this product has is: rosemary. This plant acts as a powerful diuretic, promoting the perspiration. It also stimulates a good functioning of the nervous, digestive and circulatory systems.

Benefits of Thermogen Maracuya

  • It helps to reduce anxiety.
  • It can help to eliminate toxins.
  • It removes liquids and body fats.
  • It decreases body fats.
  • It promotes the loss of weight.
  • It is ideal for overweight people.
  • It promotes body fats burning.

Main compounds of Teatino Maracuya:

Green coffee

Green coffee is a natural product that is rich in chlorogenic acid. Recent studies have proven that adding green coffee brings several health benefits. Next we will explain it.

Green coffee extract is very useful to counterattack the symptoms of old age, this is because it has GABA acid, epigallocatechin gelato and theophylline. All these substances improve the health of the skin and prevent the appearance of spots and wrinkles.

Another benefit of green coffee is its antioxidant action. It helps to strengthen the immunologic system and to clean the organism from any kind of harmful agents. It also helps to eliminate the free radicals, which are particles that damage the healthy cells of the organism and increase the risk of getting cancerous disease.

It is known that green coffee can benefit people who want to lose weight. Thanks to its metabolism accelerator effect, green coffee improves the burning of accumulated fats in the body and converts them into useful energy for the body. It also helps athletes to get a better performance.
It is important to know that green coffee controls the levels of sugar in the blood. In the same manner; it regulates the levels of bad cholesterol. Diabetic people can be benefited by consuming nutritional products containing extract of green coffee.

To finish, the chlorogenic acid present in green coffee is a very useful substance to the health of the brain. It collaborates in preventing neuro degenerative diseases just like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer.


L – Carnitine is an amino acid of great benefits to the human being in all stages of their life. Below we will explain its main benefits:

The most important benefit of this product probably is its participation on body fats burning. L – Carnitine does it because its properties in accelerating metabolism, making this way that, the cells of the organism use the accumulated fats in the body, and turning these fats into useful energy.
In addition, L – Carnitine is ideal for those athletes who practice a lot of heavy physical exercises, they can be benefited from the energetic contributions of this substances. In the same manner and, thanks to the fact that, L – Carnitine delays the effects of lactic acids, muscle recovery is faster.
An important benefit of this amino acid is that its metabolic action regulates the levels of sugar in the blood.

L – Carnitine also improves the health of the cardio vascular system, controls bad cholesterol and keep veins and arteries healthy. Likewise, It helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases if it is combined L –Carnitine, a healthy diet and physical exercises.

People over 35 years of age begin to have a nutrient absorption deficit in their organism causing the appearance of old age symptoms such as muscle degeneration. L – Carnitine has anti catabolic effects, something that prevents the loss of muscle mass.

L – Tyrosine

The L – Tyrosine amino acid fulfills multiple functions in the human’s health. These are its benefits:
It is a supplement that stimulates brain activity, since it activates the neuronal functions and allows the body to have the best response to extreme stimulus. People with a fast life style can be benefited with this product in order to have a more awake and healthy mind.
The athletic performance can be maximized thanks to this amino acid. L – Tyrosine stimulates motivation, concentration and physical performance, helping athletes to have a better development and to achieve their goals.
Another benefit of L – Tyrosine is that, it stimulates the secretion of hormones important in the human growth. It is a substance that takes care of the regulation of the metabolic activities in the organism.
Finally, it is important to mention that, L – Tyrosine helps to have mental lucidity. It is because, it nourishes the brain and prevents damages caused by the degeneration of neurotransmitter cells. Adults can prevent diseases such as senile dementia and the Parkinson’s disease.

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